05/09/2018: Take your business to the next level with these banking products.

Closeup of business person analyzing financial data

Prospect Bank offers a wide range of banking products and services to help you with financing, streamlining transactions, and planning for the future. If you’re a small business owner, a farmer, or you work for a municipality or not-for-profit organization, we have lending options and banking services to help you reach your full potential. These include:

Checking and Savings Accounts. Checking and savings accounts are a great way to manage cash flow and keep a close eye on your financial health. We offer a variety of checking and savings account options with 24/7 online access to statements, bill payment, and transfer information, and we make it simple to pay employees and taxes. Whether you’re looking for a high-interest earning account, have significant transaction volume, or need remote deposits, we have the right solution for your business.

MuniWise. Our municipal banking program provides versatile lending services that can assist your municipality with infrastructure improvements, school buses, new roads, or whatever else you need. We offer lease-purchase financing, cash concentration accounts, anticipation warrants, debt financing, and more.

General Business Loans. Getting a loan is fast and simple at Prospect Bank. We offer three types of general business loans:

  • Working Capital Financing: If you’re looking for ongoing or short-term capital, we’re your bank. We can also analyze your financial position and business cycles to make sure you’re getting the best loan for your company moving forward.
  • Equipment Financing: From manufacturing and construction equipment to cars and trucks, we have long- or short-term financing options for whatever equipment you’re looking to purchase.
  • Letters of Credit: Letters of credit are usually less expensive than bonding, and can provide a guarantee of payment support or business performance.

ACH and Wire Transfers. We offer secure Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments that can help your business complete transactions with other businesses or vendors quickly and easily. We can also help get your money where it needs to be—whether it’s across the state or across the world—with fast wire transfer services. 

Sweep Accounts. A sweep account will automatically move excess funds from your cash account into an investment account, or to an account that pays a higher interest rate. It offers excellent flexibility because money in a sweep account can be transferred back into your cash account whenever you want. Sweep accounts are a great way to help your business be more profitable, and we make setting them up simple.

As one of the oldest and most-trusted financial institutions in Central Illinois, we have significant experience giving our clients thoughtful, customized solutions that work. We’d love to show you all the ways our banking products can help your business—contact us today to find out more.