BankWise & Merchant Services

BankWise puts the power of financial management and supervision right into your hands. Business doesn’t stop just because you’re away from the office, and some of those important financial decisions can’t really just wait until you get back. That’s why BankWise can be such a crucial tool for you and your company.

Merchant Services assists you in taking payments that are critical to the health of your business. And in the eyes of customers, you’ve got one shot to get it right. It takes the ability to move at the speed of commerce, accepting both well-known and lesser-known payment methods. It means that when you say customer card information is safe, you mean it, and can deliver on it. It requires a level of service that is unexpectedly outstanding because eventually, something will go wrong, and how you handle it can be the difference in an angry online review and a loyal customer for life.

To offer you the very best in Merchant Services, we have partnered with FITECH Payments. This partnership enables us to deliver payment acceptance equipment, payment processing services, and business intelligence reporting directly to you!


Business Online Banking

Manage your cash flow whenever and wherever you are with 24/7 access to your accounts, online bill pay, statements, and transfers.  Bankwise Online Banking is the unique platform for many additional services and is available on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Business eProducts

A complete line of free, convenient and incredibly flexible banking products including:

eStatements, a greener, more secure way to receive your monthly statement.

ePay, the fastest, easiest way to pay bills.

ACH Manager

Secure, electronic way to pay everyone including but not limited to suppliers, vendors and employees or collect rent or membership fees from your clients. This will reduce check writing costs, decrease fraud opportunities and increase payee satisfaction. Our fully customizable solution gives you the ability for dual control processing of your payables.



Same Day ACH

Cost effective way to send money the same day.  Submit ACH files before 1 PM Central Time and transactions will process the same day.




Return check management service that assists in the collection process of returned deposited checks. This is a free service that provides peace of mind and less expense with collections.



Positive Pay

Automated check fraud detection service that matches checks presented for payment against a check issued file you provide the bank. Exceptions to the matches require a pay or reject decision by your business.



Remote Deposit

Secure system allowing paper checks to be scanned at your business and deposited electronically. This service gets your deposits to the bank faster, safer and more efficiently.



Retail Lock Box

Accounts receivable service where the bank receives, processes and deposits payments directly to your business account.  Receipt images are provided electronically.



Wire Manager

Secure way to request outgoing wire transfers electronically.



A POS that does it all!  Easily manage your business and streamline payments.

  • Restaurant & Retails Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Time Management
  • Cloud-Based Reporting Analytics
  • Customize to Fit Your Business Needs

Businesses are on the move today so why not offer quick and secure mobile payment acceptance to customers from any location.


  • On the Go Processing
  • EMV Chip & Sign Magstrip Payments
  • Android & Apple Phone/Tablet Capability
  • Pocket Size Design for Portability

Countertop solutions to fit YOUR business.

  • Swipe, Dip or Tap for an Easy Payment Process
  • Hard Wired or Wireless Terminals Available

Process payments from your computer!  No need for expensive payment hardware.

  • Accessible 24/7 From Any Computer
  • Online Reporting
  • Recurring Payments

An all-inclusive e-commerce payment solution gives merchants a convenient way to sell products and services online.

  • Shopping Cart Capabilities
  • Ease of Payment
  • Sell Products and Services Through Your Website


BankWise & Merchant Services

Merchant Services

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Transaction Details:

Transactions processed on an account fall within one of the categories below. If transaction fees apply, the cost associated with each category is listed on the account details.

Deposit: branch deposits, mobile deposits, remote deposits

Deposited item: the checks included within a deposit

Check: checks, over the counter withdrawals at a branch

ACH: automatic debit, automatic credit, direct deposit

AFT: online banking transfer between accounts, automatic transfer between accounts, online loan payment and advances

POS: debit card transactions

ATM: ATM transactions