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Trusts include a wide variety of legal arrangements that help you to ensure that no matter what happens to you, your family won’t be financially overburdened by your passing. They do that in many ways, including helping protect your assets and ensuring their distribution according to your wishes, protecting your estate from potentially excessive taxation and transfer costs, managing your affairs when you can’t, and creating a detailed charitable giving plan.

We fit into the trust picture by:

  • Keeping abreast of governmental policy to easily interpret new and existing regulations
  • Offering unbiased opinions based on wide industry knowledge
  • Carefully overseeing that your funds are managed according to regulations in place
  • Being there to assist with asset management while keeping your best interest at heart, whenever you need us

With options including living trusts, trusts under will, life insurance trusts, guardianships, and more, we can help you determine what you need to make your legacy safe, and then manage your investments and plan accordingly.

Here are just some of the advantages you get with Prospect Bank:


Our Pros will provide professional oversight and perform the duties necessary to manage the assets you leave within your trust.



Duties include:

  • Daily Management
  • Professional Record Keeping
  • Investment Management
  • Beneficiary Communication
  • Tax Preparation


Our Pros will perform the duties necessary to administer and finalize your estate. We will work to provide for the proper distribution of your assets based on the direction you provide in your will. Our excellent staff will complete many duties to help with your Estate.

Duties Include:

  • Probating the Will
  • Pay Debts of the Estate
  • Manage the Estate
  • Finalize all Tax Matters
  • Distribute Assets


Our Pros will help you complete the necessary groundwork to help you build an Estate plan. The Estate plan will provide you the best alternatives to distribute your assets while considering the most advantageous tax implications for your heirs and yourself. (Drafting of Professional documents must be performed.)


Our Pros perform the duties to care for and manage the affairs of the person or the estate. These duties are available for minors and disabled adults.


Our Pros will work with you to set up and manage an account to help your financial affairs. We will custody assets and pay bills as you direct.


A Land Trust is a simple method of handing off ownership of a real estate title that is recorded by a trustee, but the rights and convenience of ownership are exercised by the beneficial owner.


Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust — We provide services as trustee to hold a Life Insurance policy purchased by the trust. The insured is usually the one implementing the trust. The method and use of Life Insurance is to avoid ownership of the policy by the trust creator or grantor and to transfer wealth out of an estate.

Not all Trust Services are FDIC insured, may not be guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value depending on type of asset.

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