03/12/2018: Looking for a college scholarship? Prospect Bank offers 21 of them.

Female high school graduate celebrating in cap and gown.

At Prospect Bank, we know that education opens the door to opportunity. That’s why we offer 21 scholarships for students looking to further their academic careers, which can be used to pay for school expenses including tuition, room/board, books, and more. Individual awards range from $100 to more than $10,000, and some can be applied for annually.

Our college scholarships have a wide range of prerequisites, but the one thing they have in common is that they’re for students from our community. We believe that providing assistance with education is one of the best ways we can give back—and for the 2017-2018 school year, we awarded $572,746 to 209 students.

All of our scholarships are grants with the exception of the Frank & Gladys Stratton Scholarship Loan, which is a zero-interest loan that includes partial forgiveness under certain conditions.

Here are the 21 scholarship opportunities we offer, including brief background information:

Aletha Jane Honnold Fine Arts Scholarship. A fine arts scholarship for residents of Edgar County in financial need. This award is selected by the Bicentennial Art Center.

Mabel Wells Fishback Scholarship (The Wells Trust Fund). Created by the will of Mabel Wells Fishback, this scholarship is for residents of Edgar County who are of the Protestant religious faith, and will attend Eastern Illinois University, Millikin University, the University of Illinois, or DePauw University.

Betty Langford Coughlin Scholarship. Established in 2009 through the Betty Langford Coughlin will, this scholarship is for graduating seniors of Paris High School seeking a degree in agriculture or home economics.

Mary Perisho-Nina Rall McConkey Scholarship. Created for residents of District #95 or CUSD #4. Applicants must have a minimum one year of home economics study at Paris High School, and the award is based on GPA, financial need, school, and community involvement.

Dee Wilson Scholarship Trust. This scholarship is granted to the Chrisman High School District. It is to assist high school graduates in furthering their education at institutions of higher learning.

Pauline & Riley McClain Scholarship. For graduates from a high school in Edgar or Vermilion County who seek to attain a degree in agriculture, nursing, or teaching. Graduates from a high school in Edgar or Vermilion Counties who are also graduates of a college or university located in the United States and seek to study law, medicine, or dentistry can also apply.

Edgar County Bank Foundation Scholarship. For students in the Edgar County area and surrounding counties based on GPA, financial need, school, and community involvement.

Edward & Mildred English Scholarship. For students from the Shiloh School District based on GPA, financial need, school, and community involvement.

Muriel Dawson Scholarship. For students from Shiloh School District #2 attending any state-supported public university or college in Illinois.

G.F. Patterson Trust. Created by the will of Beulah Patterson to provide scholarship grants to young men and women of Edgar County, this scholarship can be used for undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

Richard R. & Katherine S. Ripley Educational Trust. For Oakland High School Seniors. A minimum “B” average is required, as well as working toward a degree in art, science, business, or teaching.

Riola Hurst Nursing Scholarship. Created for students graduating from an Edgar County or Clark County high school who are enrolled full time in a nursing college leading to a degree and a registered nursing certification. Students must maintain a “C” or above GPA.

Hannah Watson Scholarship. Scholarship for Paris High School seniors obtaining a degree in teaching. This award is selected by the Paris High School Principal.

Helen Luallen Scholarship. Established in 1969 by the will of Helen Luallen, this scholarship is for Edgar County residents who are in need of financial assistance to attend college.

Ruth Pinnell Scholarship. For residents of Edgar County seeking a degree in nursing or teaching, this scholarship created by the will of Ruth Pinnell is for students graduating in the middle third of their class, or students who have spent the last 24 months at home raising minor children.

Helen Mar McKinlay Scholarship. This is a two-year scholarship created in 1946 by the will of Marie McKinlay in the memory of her sister Helen Mar McKinlay. The scholarship is for the female Paris High School graduate with the highest senior grades.

Frank & Gladys Stratton Scholarship Loan. Created by the will of Gladys Stratton, this scholarship gives loans to students from Edgar County. Students can reapply up to four times for this award. It is an interest free loan. Students who return to Edgar County and work for five consecutive years in their field of study can earn one-half forgiveness. Loan payments are what fund the future of this scholarship.

Iva & Roy Henry Scholarship. Created for students living in Edgar County to provide scholarships for tuition and other related expenses for an education above and beyond high school.

WJ & Amy Dodd Educational Scholarship. This scholarship is for residents of Shiloh School District #2 who are in need of financial assistance to complete their education at institutions of higher learning. Grants may be used for trade schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities, and professional and graduate schools, all which may be either public or private, and which may be inside or outside of Illinois.

I.P & Lola Zimmerly Educational Trust. This scholarship was created to assist high school graduates residing in Edgar County to further their education at institutions of higher learning. It is based on residency, academic standing, extracurricular activities, and financial need. Students can reapply up to four times for this award.

Lenore Dickson Medical Scholarship. A scholarship for students studying to become a nurse or doctor.

Ready to apply for a scholarship? You can do that right here (applications are at the bottom of the page). Keep in mind that even if you’re applying for multiple scholarships, you only need to fill out one application—just indicate which scholarships you’re interested in on the front. You will need to send a paper copy of your application, which requires grade transcripts and tax information. Also remember that it’s possible to receive more than one scholarship.

If you have any questions about a specific scholarship or how to apply, contact us online or give us a call at 877-465-4154. Please direct all inquiries to the Prospect Bank Trust Department. And if you’re thinking about applying, don’t wait—most applications are due by April 4th!