Farm Services

Helping to Keep Farms Growing

Farmers are the backbone of this country and our communities, feeding our nation and the world. At Prospect Bank, we’re committed to your success. Our extensive farm management services and knowledgeable staff can help you improve your profitability today, and ensure that your farm is a valuable resource for tomorrow.

Our promise to each farm owner:

  • We will always represent your interests in meeting your farm management goals and objectives.
  • We will always ensure you get the highest level of return while maintaining your asset and minimizing your risk.
  • We will always keep you abreast of the concepts of soil conservation and the overall maintenance of your farm.
  • We will always provide administrative assistance including accounting, record keeping, and compliance with government programs.

Farm Management Services

Crop management
Working with you, we’ll develop both annual and long-term plans for crop rotation, fertilizer and pest control. We’ll also help you market your crops to get the best price per bushel.

Farm operations and property management
First, our farm management experts will provide you with an unbiased overview of your farm, showing opportunities and obstacles. If you rent land, we’ll help you select and negotiate leases with your farm tenant. We’ll supervise farm operations with field visits, reviewing farm records, and overseeing all construction and improvement projects.

Farm financial management
We’ll take much of the financial burden of operations off your shoulders: We’ll collect rent and other income, pay expenses relating to the farm operation, and negotiate with agriculture suppliers using combined buying power. In addition, we’ll furnish statements and annual analysis of farm income and expenses, and provide annual farm summary for tax return preparation. Finally, we’ll assist landowners in implementing estate planning.

Agricultural Trends and Awareness
We evaluate and participate in USDA and Conservation programs, and keep our farm owners aware of the latest trends and opportunities.



Not all Trust Services are FDIC insured, may not be guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value depending on type of asset.

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